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Interviewing Bloggers and Decision Makers – Part 18: Paul Johnson / A Luxury Travel Blog

Date Posted: 18 September, 2014
Paul Johnson / A Luxury Travel Blog
Paul Johnson / A Luxury Travel Blog

Our series „Interviewing Bloggers and Decision Makers“ continues: In early 2014 we started asking questions on the topic of Blogger Relations to featured bloggers and company spokesmen. As we go along, the answers of both sides will result in important insights on how bloggers and companies can move closer together. This series‘ goal is to capture a status quo of Blogger Relations in the year 2014.

„Blogger“ is a placeholder – it can be influencers of various platforms (bloggers, vloggers, instagramers, twitterati, pinteresters etc.).

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Part 18 of the series: Paul Johnson, founder of A Luxury Travel Blog.

Please find the German version of the interview here.

Enjoy reading.


1. Do companies regularly contact you as part of their blogger relations?

Yes, on a daily basis.

2. What kind of experiences do you have in dealing and working with companies?

A huge range of travel-related encounters that take me to all corners of the globe and enjoying all manner of experiences – working with tourist boards, travel companies, hotels, airlines, car manufacturers, retailers, etc.

3. What is the biggest mistake companies can make when talking to or dealing with bloggers?

Assuming that they work for free. The top bloggers are key influencers because they are doing what they do full time. It isn’t just a hobby for them, but their livelihood.

4. If you were a representative of a company: What would you do, in order to strengthen the relationship between bloggers and companies?

I would try to personalise things. Get to know the blogger. Don’t send them unsolicited press releases but build relationships and get to the bottom of what it is they’re looking for.

5. How should companies address bloggers? What should companies pay close attention to when starting with blogger relations?

If they send you guidelines on how to pitch to them, make sure you read them and adhere to them to the letter. It can be very frustrating telling a company what you need from them in order to work with them, and then having that completely ignored.

6. In my opinion, the biggest benefit in including blogger relations in communication is…

The immediacy with which they can work, their ability to adapt to a project’s requirements, and the level of reach that they can sometimes achieve.

7. In my opinion, the biggest downside in including blogger relations in communication is…

Some blogs just don’t have the traffic and reach to deliver results.

8. What do you think is the biggest accomplishment of bloggers? What did blogs achieve in your opinion?

They have turned journalism completely on its head, increasing the level of interactivity between writer and readers.

9. Where do you see the blogosphere in regards to reach and influence in the next 1-3 years in the USA?

I see the number of bloggers continuing to increase, and demand for the top bloggers growing.

10. What advice would you want to give to representatives of companies?

Home in on bloggers who are not only influential but are also a good match for your niche.


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