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Influencer und Entscheider im Interview: Teil 32 – Chris Beastall/Ape to Gentleman

Date Posted: 17 Februar, 2016

Eine weitere Ausgabe unserer Reihe Influencer und Entscheider im Interview ist online. Seit Anfang 2014 stel­len wir Influencern und Unter­neh­mens­spre­chern Fra­gen rund um das Thema Influencer Rela­ti­ons. Heute sprachen wir mit Chris Beastall, Gründer und Chef-Blogger des britischen Men’s Lifestyle Blogs Ape to Gentleman. Welche Ansichten Chris hinsichtlich Entlohnung von Bloggern hat und warum ein Telefonat oftmals besser ist als eine E-Mail – seine Antworten verraten es.


1. Do companies regularly contact you as part of their influencer relations?

Yes, many – daily. And PR’s, we work with both.

2. What kind of experiences do you have in dealing and working with companies?

It’s generally positive. They are keen to express their brand in the Ape way, and leverage our audience.

3. What is the biggest mistake companies can make when talking to or dealing with influencers?

For us, now, assuming free products are payment. We are a business, and payment allows us to grow and feature brands (that we selectively choose) in a great way.

4. If you were a representative of a company: What would you do, in order to strengthen the relationship between influencers and companies?

Make sure the approach is considered. I.e. is it right for the blogger or just another generic press release, in a 1000 we get a day.

Chris Beastall, Ape to Gentleman

5. How should companies address influencers? What should companies pay close attention to when starting with influencer relations?

A phone call is always a good way, it saves miscommunication via email.

6. In my opinion, the biggest benefit in including influencer relations in communication is…

As before, be specific and considered. If you value the blog, and the brand is a good fit- it needs to work for both parties.

7. In my opinion, the biggest downside in including influencer relations in communication is…

Generic approaches, they are generally deleted. A brand should go for quality over quantity. Unless mass appeal is the aim, but beware of poor wuality features that no one will pay attention to. The right fit means a receptive audience.

8. What do you think is the biggest accomplishment of influencers? What did influencers achieve in your opinion?

A trusted view point. We have no overheads generally, so can pick and choose what we feature, and make sure it’s what our audience wants. We aren’t held to ransom by shareholders or the corporate powers that be.

9. Where do you see the blogosphere in regards to reach and influence in the next 1-3 years in the UK?

Continued growth. More niches.

10. What advice would you want to give to representatives of companies?

Have an idea of what the brand wants, and work together with the blogger to meet his/her needs too. It’s a partnerhsip. Long term, it’s about forging mutually benfical relationships.


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